Agility, Flexibility and Expertise in Service Design

Arcsus' managed infrastructure service lies at the core of our managed services portfolio. It encompasses the installation, management, ongoing support and maintenance of your infrastructure, including security and networking components such as firewalls, IPS and proxies, switches and routers, storage arrays, servers and desktops amongst many others, whether they are located in our datacentres, your datacentres or on premise in your offices.

In conjunction with our managed service desk function, our managed infrastructure service completes the perfect package to satisfy all of our customers' requirements.

Arcsus understands our customers’ need to tailor services to suit their requirements, and as with our other managed services, our agility, flexibility and expertise in service design together with our range of commercial options, allows us to create the perfect service for our customers every time.

The following benefits provided by the managed infrastructure service include the following:

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